Police, facing increased numbers of lawsuits, and other considerations have been installing cameras and other recording equipment, to document the treatment of suspects, and others who they deal with on a daily basis. Police Cruiser cameras allow documentation of common traffic stops, as well as pursuit evidence and for safety review.

Video recoding systems have become more common in cruisers, and goverment grants have helped to pave the way towards a safer, more productive law enforcement program. Here are a couple of video security related items we feel translate well to the efforts of police documentation. There are more options other than these camera, and recording devices as well.

This camera, the KT&C KPC-101CZH has a 16x zoom function, and can be controlled by either controls on the rear of the camera, or the hand held (wired) remote. Auto focus allows the officer to concentrate on police duties rather than as a videographer.
Cost is under $500 and more information can be found by following the link on the image
This Teklink MSVR-168 Unit is an inexpensive starting point for departments with limited resources. Its 4 camera ability allows for flexible implementation of video systems in the police vehicles. The drive installed is designed for mobile use, and can sustain normal vehicle motion shock levels.
It is however, a starting point, and more advanced units are available as well. By clicking on the image you will be taken to a page with more information on this unit.

Purchase orders from (city, county, state, and federal) Government agencies are accepted.

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